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Pharmacie du Martroi
Address: 41 Pl. du Martroi, 45300 Pithiviers, France | Phone: +33 2 38 34 53 60 | Website:

Worst customer service ever. I called and spoke to 4 different reps. Not one of them could help me with determining which tier our insurance coverage was under or answer any questions on coverage at all.

After going through a nightmare since November with Walgreens, I went to Pharmacie du Martroi. They filled my prescription correctly promptly the first time. I could not believe it. I was so impressed, not to mention they were very friendly and helpful. I’m really hoping it stays that way!

Pharmacie Vallet
Address: 2 Bis Rue de Pithiviers, 45300 Ascoux, France | Phone: +33 2 38 33 01 24 | Website:

I’m surprised at the low rating. Pharmacie Vallet has been my go-to pharmacy for about 6 years. The staff has always been friendly. They do tend to be busy, but they will always open up a register. I never had an issue with self-checkout. Plus, 24 hours?! Cmon. What more can you ask for, really?

This is the only pharmacy I’ll ever use. The pharmacist Michael is great! I’m pregnant, my first time Mom and So I’ve had a bunch of questions regarding medication and OTC items as well. But Michael goes out of his way to help me, answer any questions I have, and overall is a hard-working, nice guy!! Every time I see him working his always kind and has a smile. He definitely keeps this pharmacy running smoothly!

Pharmacy Place
Address: 7 Pl. du Marché, 45340 Boiscommun, France | Phone: +33 2 38 33 75 01 | Website:

The associate, Kimberly, has attitude problems. The store itself has overpriced items that you can find cheaper elsewhere. I cannot recommend coming to this exact location, and it lacks friendly customer service.

It brings me great gratitude to be able to voice my opinion in regards to great customer service! In saying so, I would like to bring your attention to Carrie, the Store Manager. I’ve observed Carrie assist multiple customers promptly with a positive attitude. Carrie’s multitasked skills are impeccable. I’ve also noticed Carrie recognize customers entering the store by stating « welcome to Hope » and exiting by stating, « Have a wonderful day! » Anytime I was unsure of a product, Carrie was incredibly informative. Thank you, Carrie. Amazing Job, Pharmacy Place!

Gratréaux Laurence
Address: 21 Rue Albert Camus, 45330 Le Malesherbois, France | Phone: +33 2 38 34 75 17 | Website:

Tonight I spoke to a young lady in Gratréaux Laurence by the name of Shree, and I hope the spelling of her name is correct. This lady was so helpful in assisting me with a manufacturer discount card that saved me $$$$$.she was so professional, knowledgeable, and attentive. Impeccable!!!

The service is awful!! A friend got the pill packs, and of course, the pills were mixed up. The lady who helped him argued with him when he picked them up. So they had to be redone. He’s changing pharmacies!