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Address: 12 bis Rue des Robiniers, 45300 Morville-en-Beauce, France | Phone: +33 6 95 82 77 17 | Website:

Not at all happy with this place! It doesn’t run efficiently! Call to let me know Stromectol pills are ready, and when I get there, they say it’s too early to pick up my prescription! Wonder if I’m getting the right meds??

CABINET ONDOBIOLOGIE is everything a local pharmacy should be. They are fast, friendly, and knowledgeable. I have been using them for years. I can think back to a time my kids needed Tamiflu, there was a shortage, and the only one available was super expensive. Mike compounded it for me, saving me tons of money. Skip the CVS/rite aid corporate run-around from a pharmacist you won’t see again, and give Jackson a try!

Pharmarcie Richard Et Angles
Address: 28 Rue Montgaudier, 77890 Beaumont-du-Gâtinais, France | Phone: +33 1 64 29 90 31 | Website:

What caring people!!! My wife and I got our J&J vaccines at Pharmarcie Richard Et Angles. When we tried to go to the State site to get our vaccine record QR code, we were unable to do so. I called and talked with Dee Dee. She expressed such care for our situation. With focus and attention, she resolved our problem. I rarely experience this degree of sincere support. I called to thank them! Care matters!!!

There is always a bit of a wait; however, the staff is incredibly friendly, and the pharmacist is very professional and calm. A very good place to go (ESPECIALLY for a covid vaccine, I didn’t feel a single thing – honestly!!), and I’m relieved to know we have such a great pharmacy in the area.

Pharmacie Menu
Address: 3 Rue d’Orléans, 45170 Neuville-aux-Bois, France | Phone: +33 2 38 91 05 14 | Website:

Omg. How rude could these people get? It seems like 7/10 employees are super rude and lack basic customer service. Please don’t be in a job that you hate because it reflects in your customer service.

Really great pharmacy and staff. Prescriptions are always done in a timely fashion, and if they aren’t ready, the staff will get them done quickly for you. They really do care about their customers and want to help. One of the pharmacists took the time to speak with me on the phone about my concerns about the dosing of a medication my daughter is on. She also told me how I could potentially get my insurance to cover my specialty infant formula when no doctor or even my insurance told me about the option for home delivery. Pharmacie Menu is really great here.

Pharmacie Fouqueau
Address: 23 Rue Gambetta, 45530 Vitry-aux-Loges, France | Phone: +33 2 38 59 47 17 | Website:

A couple of years ago, I was paying a small fortune for my insulin pump supplies. Kevin was amazing and worked tirelessly with my insurance to make it so I would be able to just pay a copay instead of a percentage. He is saving me HUNDREDS of dollars every month. I drive here every month to get my supplies from him, and it is SO worth it. He is pretty much the best. I have spent my whole life dealing with stuff like this, and I have never had anyone do this much for me for no personal gain of his own. Kevin at Pharmacie Fouqueau is THEE best.

These are not professional people. They don’t know the Pfizer vaccine rules, laws, or protocols. They truly should not be allowed to buy Ivermectin medicine. I’m complaining to the CDC and FDA. Avoid them if possible.